Photography Workshop No 1 : Photographic Challenge - 4 Images by Mike Forrest

1. North brink symmetry
Mike Forrest
2. Pumping station near Wisbech - building in context
Mike Forrest
4. North Brink - shallow depth of field
Mike Forrest
3. Octavia's Cafe, Wisbech - building in use
Mike Forrest

Photography Workshop No 1 : Photographic Challenge – 4 Images

Following the first photographic workshop in October, Matt set the participants some homework.

Using the information and tips he provided during that first session, particiapnts were challenged to submit 4 images that meet the following criteria:

  1. Capture a symmetry shot of a building or architectural feature
  2. Capture a building within the context to its surroundings. It should be clear where the focus is.
  3. Show a building or part of a building in use. Candid or posed.
  4. Create a shallow depth-of-field shot showing a foreground element in focus and the background blurred.

These images are the first to be submitted – well done to Mike, they look great!

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  • A lovely set of images Mike. Good exposure, balanced compositions and right on brief. Great work.

    By Matt Emmett (20/11/2017)

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