6th Photographic Workshop at Peckover House

During the sixth session of the Wisbech High Street Project the volunteers were asked to continue the theme of visual story telling through photography by capturing a series of images of Peckover House and Gardens. It can be a tricky task to capture the essence of a location in a short time period and using a limited number of images; with external views, interiors, details and the landscaped gardens to consider in the final set. These images are the curated sets from each of the project photographers and we think they have done a fantastic job.
Did you know that a building that once on the site of the current No 25 High Street in 1777 is believed to have been a grocers run by Jonathan Peckover when he first moved into the town. Research undertaken by Diane Calton-Smith for her book “A Georgian House on the Brink” has revealed that like many non-conformists of the time, Peckover had not received a full education but thrived in his business through hard work. Peckovers grocers become well known in the town for his trustworthiness and people asked him to look after their money in the shops safe. Soon the shop became known as “Peckovers Bank”. In time the bank became so popular it took over from the grocers and in 1792 Jonathan Peckover went into business with the Quaker Gurney family with whom they established a local branch of the Wisbech and Lincolnshire Bank. By 1794 Jonathans success had allowed him to purchase a house on the brink which became known as Bank House. From 1948 it became known as Peckover House, when it was acquired by the National Trust in honour of the family who donated it to them.

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  • Some very strong image sets appearing here. Looking forward to seeing your historic blends.

    By Matt Emmett (26/08/2018)