Photography Workshop No 1 : Photographic Challenge – 4 Images

Photography Workshop No 1 : Photographic Challenge – 4 Images

Following the first photographic workshop in October, Matt set the participants some homework.

Using the information and tips he provided during that first session, participants were challenged to submit 4 images that meet the following criteria:

  1. Capture a symmetry shot of a building or architectural feature
  2. Capture a building within the context to its surroundings. It should be clear where the focus is.
  3. Show a building or part of a building in use. Candid or posed.
  4. Create a shallow depth-of-field shot showing a foreground element in focus and the background blurred.

These images have been submitted by participants.

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  • I am going to talk more about these on Saturday but I have to say that the standard of these images is really very good. Congrats to all involved, hugely impressed.

    By Matt Emmett (29/11/2017)
  • Vince: Very competent set of images here. First two, are good and on brief. In use and Shallow DOF are both very good shots. The in use shot is excellent. Great work.

    By Matt Emmett (22/11/2017)
  • Dean. I love the clean simplicity of your symmetry shot. Your context and In use shots are both solid well composed, efforts. The Shallow depth of field could have been shot a little wider open giving a shallower depth with more blur in the background. Some cameras may not allow for it though. All round good shots though.

    By Matt Emmett (22/11/2017)
  • More impressive results.
    Roger: What at first seems like perfect symmetry turns out to be a flip and mirror job in Photoshop. Works really well because the symmetry is identical but sadly not quite what I was asking for! Nice try though Roger 😉
    Your other 3 are right on brief.

    By Matt emmett (22/11/2017)

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