Third Photographic Workshop

For the third session of the Wisbech High Street Project there would be a focus on the use of long exposure photography and light painting. Shooting inside gloomy or dark environments requires the camera to be placed on a tripod and for exposures to last many seconds in order to collect enough light for an image to be created in the camera. In some instances it can be so dark that use of an artificial light source is employed to help create the image.

For this session Taleyna had organised a site visit to an old granary and warehouse located at 12 North Brink, right next door to Peckover House. The interior of this 400 year old space is largely unchanged since the days of its original use and as luck would have it is also fairly gloomy inside, a perfect environment for practicing the skills from the lesson. We started off shooting a series of three brackets (exposures at varying brightness of the same subject) to combine in post production and create a well exposed final image. Then we went to the darkest part of the building (almost totally dark) and practiced bulb exposures and used a light source to ‘light paint’ the details in. Afterward everyone spread out across the building and practiced using these techniques.

Seeing such an impressive bit of heritage that would not normally be accessible to the public was a huge privilege and visits like this really add a shine to what is already an amazing opportunity and experience.

More images will appear on this page as they are sent in by participants.

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  • Had a great day ,Had taken 50+ photos during Heritage week 2017 ,but still learnt a lot from our Mentor Matt . Thanks to the owner (Brian) for allowing us access .Hope all th photos taken will be saved for the future generations to see how wonderful our town is.

    By Roger Rawson (05/02/2018)
  • Thanks, Matt. The photo of the books was taken with the light painting technique you showed us, using the flashlight app on my mobile phone. A great day and a wonderful opportunity to visit that building.

    By Mike Forrest (05/02/2018)
  • The granary warehouse is a wonderful building, and a great experience to explore. I’d love to come back and have another go at the techniques, which were a steep learning curve for some of us! Thank you to the owner for giving us the opportunity.

    By Diana Mutimer (05/02/2018)
  • Mike, your images are excellent. Well composed and interesting to view. I particularly like your closeup of the books.

    By Matt Emmett (05/02/2018)

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