"Who's the next Lillian Ream?"

Lilian Ream
kindly provided by the Wisbech & Fenland Museum (ref 5/22a)
14-17 High Street, 2017
Matt Emmett
Derelict Building...2017
Matt Emmett
Wisbech High Street, 2017
Matt Emmett
Photography Workshop 071017
Taleyna Fletcher
A view of 'SANDAL' being unloaded seen from the flood defence wall on West Parade
Dean Rocker
1. North brink symmetry
Mike Forrest

Delivering a programme of photography workshops and documenting Wisbech town centre

Wisbech has an impressive history of pioneering photographers, including Samuel Smith, Lillian Ream and Geoff Hastings. All used Wisbech town centre and High Street as the subject for many of their photographs.

Building on this legacy, the HLF Wisbech High Street Project will document the High Street in 2017-21 and offer members of the local community the opportunity to help with this and learn more about photography through a series of workshops.

The Workshops will be delivered by professional photographer, Matt Emmet from Forgotten Heritage who will be supported by members of the Wisbech and District Camera Club.

The workshops will help to develop the skills of the local community, learn about important historic photographers, increase interest in the High Street and town centre and help to ensure that the restoration process is documented.

There will be 12 workshops in total which will cover topics including basic camera skills, lens use, architectural photography skills, creating panoramic images, balancing light using brackets, digital processing skills, social media skills and much more.

There will be a final exhibition at the end of the project to be held in the new public space at No, 24 High Street.

Workshop No 1 – October 2017

On the first session we learnt about Matt Emmett and how he got into heritage photography and then we moved onto discussing some basic principals of photography as well as commonly used terms and jargon.

The group learnt about using aesthetics and composition, making the shot as good as it can be and some general advice on different types of composition, where to focus, fill the frame with the subject etc.

We looked at the role of digital skills in photography with brief demonstration to give people an idea of what can be done using programs such as Photoshop.

Then we took a break and went to the High Street armed with tripods! Matt helped everyone set up their shots of the High Street, checking settings and position to achieve the best results. People were asked to step away from using any automatic settings and really think about how they were setting up their shot in light of the mornings talk about aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

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 Workshop No 2 – December 2017

This workshop focussed on how to take panoramic photographs and how to use Photoshop to edit and blend images together. We visited the Wisbech General Cemetery and Matt showed the group how to set up and take panoramic images before we headed back to the classroom to see a practical demonstration on editing and blending images.

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  • The late Geoff Hastings should be the next Lillian Ream. His work on the town and area is outstanding

    By Paul Johnson (19/09/2017)
  • There are over 4,000 photographs of Wisbech available on The Geograph Project, see http://www.geograph.org.uk/search.php?i=73151326

    By Richard Humphrey (01/07/2017)

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